Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Nice, the Mean, and the Spitballs

Today was my Improvisation/Songwriting Class, as well as the first class of our Applied Psychology course for the Spring Semester. In the Improvisation class, we did a variety of games which helped to expand our knowledge of rhythm, bridges, and song endings, as well as sound projection. We then did scenes where we were split into groups, and each person was given an age to emulate. We mimed a scene where we were waiting for, boarding, and riding a bus.We then had the other team guess our age, and redid the scene. However, we could talk, and if the teacher's assistant (son) froze us, he could have us do a song to the music he picked out. Then, the other team did the same. After that, we all had pizza, mingled, and joked. My sister and I then went downtown to our Applied Psychology class. We did a few things. The first was walking around the area. The teacher then sat us down, and asked us questions such as: 'How many kids were doing crafts?", "How many adults were there?", "How many knives in the mural?", and "How many tables were there?". He had us get back up, and walk around again. He told us to spot out who we thought was the kindest person, and who was the meanest. We did that, and told the kindest what we thought. We watched their reaction. We did the same for someone random, but said we thought they were the meanest. In the end, we all had loads of fun, and I definitely learned a lot.


"The only thing in the way of my learning is my education" - Falsely Attributed to Albert Einstein, But Good Nonetheless   

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