Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A day of Action, Adventure, and Pizza

Good Afternoon!

Today was the first session of Wayfinders, a fantasy/sword fighting LARP group. We started with some simple introduction games (tag, throwing a "knife" at someone while saying their name, I think you get the idea.) Then, we played an intense 30 minutes of Capture the Flag: Sword Fighting Style! We basically ran around, trying to defend our flag and capture the other team's flag, while hitting each other with swords (All the swords were foam and Play-Safe.) Once you were hit, you were dead......... for 30 seconds. Then you got up, held your sword over your head, and walked/ran back to your flag circle to regenerate. Oh, and you MUST make your death Theatrical, Loud, and Fun! After that, I grabbed a slice of Pizza with friends, and headed on my way!


"The only thing in the way of my learning is my education" - Falsely Attributed to Albert Einstein, But Good Nonetheless   

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