Thursday, May 2, 2013

Posts That Never Shall Be Singular: The Past Bunch of Days in One Post

A quick note about "Down the Chocolate River and Beyond" (The URL:
I made a slight error. The Golden Ticket Raffle doesn't end until MAY 8th. So, buy fake candy, lots of fake candy!

"So how are you Thomas?" A question I bet a few of you asked yourself at some point. Probably not though. I'm fine, and pumped for "Down the Chocolate River and Beyond" (Which I will shorten to call "Wonka", for the sake of time.) I've already mentioned the being one of the only Stage Hands, I'm also the PROPMASTER! Exciting! Tech week starts Monday, and that means more space for props, people, and other assorted things. But enough about Wonka........... for now.

Actually, now that I think about it, nothing new is happening, except for a new Renaissance class I start tomorrow.

As a quick side note, please leave comments of questions and concerns you nay have about Homeschooling!


"The only thing in the way of my learning is my education" - Falsely Attributed to Albert Einstein, But Good Nonetheless   

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